Article Submission and Evaluation Process

The articles submitted to the Journal of Linguistics and Literature go through the following processes:


1- The author (s) send their work to the journal through the Dergipark platform.

2- Within 15 days, the Editorial Board evaluates if the work is readable, completed or original in line with the journal's publication policy.

3- The Editorial Board accepts the studies that have the above characteristics in the direction of double blind peer review or the Editorial Board sends the article back to the author(s) explaining the reason for the refusal.


1- After determining that the article will be included in the evaluation process, the assigned Editor sends the article to at least two anonymous reviewers for the evaluation.

2- The reviewers have 15 days to respond to the invitation. If one or both reviewers do not respond to the invitation, The Editor re-sends the invitation to the reviewer(s) which should be answered in 7 days.

3- If the invitation is not accepted or answered by one or both reviewers, the invitation is forwarded to the new reviewer(s) in line with the double blind peer review process.

4- After the invitation is accepted, the reviewers have an evaluation period of 42 days. If the reviewers do not evaluate the study within 42 days, an additional period of 7 days is granted. The reviewers conduct their evaluations on the reviewer form, which is organized by the Editorial Board of the Journal of Linguistics and Literature.

5- After the article has been evaluated by the reviewers, the study is sent back to the author(s) in such a way that the author(s) will not see the names of the reviewers. Then, the author(s) is expected to perform the necessary corrections and revisions.

6- In the case of an acceptance-rejection discrepancy between the reviewers, the article may be published, rejected or forwarded to a third reviewer by the approval of the Editorial Board.


1- The editor asks that the author make the necessary changes and upload the revised file according to the evaluation result from the reviewers.

2- Spell check is also done in this step.

Last updated: November 13, 2018